Feb 06, 11

Play the game by clicking on Ztype Remix
The idea for this game came from another canvas game that was very well done. This game was merely built to test the current development of flanvas.
See the original game at phoboslab.org/ztype/

Jan 08, 11

I'm back on the Flanvas wagon. Or off of it, whatever. I submitted a couple prototypes to canvasdemos.com in hopes that it will drive a little more interest to the framework. 
Charting, using what I know about the Flex charts model, is still underway and is in rough alpha. Once I have a good proto, I'll link it. After we'll be moving toward getting some documentation together for the whole flanvas project. A php doc parser will suffice (modeled after the asdoc parser, but a lot less consise due to time constraints) please let me know your input there.
Thanks for all the motivation in form of compliments and suggestions. They are the largest driving force in getting this open-source project off the ground.

Nov 09, 10

This project is on hold for now due to the fact that I personally have no time and I haven't recieved any help on it. In the meantime I'm back to my real job.
In the next couple months I'm planning on putting together a graphing class for flanvas which allows you to easily show interactive graph data via the canvas (bar, line, pie, plot, etc). Because a lot of the framework is similar to AS3, I'll probably integrate something similar to FLEX charting. Let me know if any of you have any additional ideas on this.

Jul 14, 10

Here's a link to the Streetview in canvas

I've been trying to remake Google Streetview in Flanvas and so far it's going well. I may or may not be taking a number of their images to use for this, but I'm trying to better the web so it's okay.. The UI was recreated in AI, exported to SVG and then imported to flanvas. The nav UI (top left) allows mouse interaction and responds to click / drags. Here's how you use it.

The Half-Panoram (because it's half way there):
-You can drag the main image up, down, left, or right.

The UI (top left corner):
-The left, right, up, and down buttons are clickable.
-The ring around the buttons (with the N on it) can be grabbed and rotated.

Still To Come:
-Lines identifying streets with small arrows that take you along the road.
--Still not sure where the information comes from to do this. Limited by my patience atm.

It's not fast enough for the iphone yet, but I haven't started optimising yet. I'll let you know how it goes when I get there.

Jul 14, 10

I converted Google's Tweener to javascript and it works flanvas. Syntax is basically the same. I've given a sample at the bottom of this page. You can also click this simple tween link to see a tween that works quick on the iphone.

What it looks like:
Tweener.addTween(this, {'x':150, 'time':0.25, 'transition':"easeOutLinear"});

use ' or " as it doesn't matter. I'm just peculiar. 

Jul 14, 10

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm not in denial about the aesthetics of this site. I know it's bad, but it's what you get when I'm overwhelmingly busy (cry for me). I plan on making something nice, someday..

Jun 27, 10

I've decided to let you all in on my examples that I use for testing. I'm a bit hesitant because as I change things constantly, these examples don't always work. For example, I'm updating the code that deals with render rotation and it has funkified things a bit. Regardless, check it out and take from it what you can.


Also, if you come up with any of your own examples that you'd think would be helpful to the public, send them on over!

May 16, 10

I started a github account this morning for the Flanvas project. If you're interesting in being part of this framework, I've listed the github details below.

SSH: git@github.com:jrollins/Flanvas.git
HTTP: https://jrollins@github.com/jrollins/Flanvas.git flanvas.js can be found at development/flanvas/flanvas.js

For help getting started with github -- http://help.github.com/

May 16, 10

Flanvas: A Flash-like canvas.

I've been putting this framework together in efforts to make the web more "natural". The goal is to keep interactive development a one-deployment process. Flanvas allows your interactives to run on any browser that supports the canvas, such as firefox, webkit browsers (safari, iPhone, iPad), opera, chrome, etc..

Your support is appreciated. Please feel free to contribute to the source code. SVN will be public shortly so let me know if you want in and I'll make sure you get a user/pass. I'm not currently taking donations, but as this project requires more of my time, I may have to.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding the Flanvas framework. You can reach me at rollins.jackson@gmail.com